Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been busy!

I have been busy revamping my blog. Changing things, adding things, getting rid of junk. I am really hoping to make this one of my main places to be and record all my doings.
I have been thinking of giving up my BeadWeaver site and just focusing on being Administrator at Gone Beadn' and my other network- Swap-Bot Swappers. I have alot on my plate still and I have gave up a bunch of things already.
I am also a full time editor at Bella Onlines Jewelry Making site and write a weekly article and send out a weekly newsletter also.
I have been doing alot of swaps at swap-bot and that takes time. I made my second network for swap-botters to connect and share their art works that they make for swaps and what they've received. I also try to help everyone with things they want to know.
Not sure what I will do yet.

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