Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok, Maybe I can get something on here today!  My computer has been taking fits lately.
I have been doing A TIAS (Tat it and See) that Jan Eborall has been doing.  I have done Day 1.

It took me three tries to get that much done!  lol
 Then today I got the part of the pattern for Day 2 and I've already ripped it out twice!  It's so simple but I mess it up everytime.  The picots end up the wrong way.
I have only started to learn to tat for the past couple of months.  Maybe I just need some more time to let it sink in.  Other things that get me stuck,  would just come to me and I'd be like, " Oh ya, duh!, that's how you do it."  
I am just anxious to learn everything all at once.
I can do many other crafts/hobbies with no problem learning.  This is just not sinking in like I'm used to with other projects.
I love beading and I want to be able to incorporate the two.  Tatting is such beautiful work, I really, really, want to learn how to do it.  I am trying not to get discouraged.
I am going to get back to doing Day 2's pattern.  Wish me luck!Me thinking!!!

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