Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tat Away Weekend

Ok, I have tatted a few things, but they always end up with something wrong with them.  The first picture is a heart and I messed up right under the top point.  There was supposed to be 3 rings there. I ended up with 2 when I was done, so I cut the 2 off.  I think it still looks good.  I just wish I could finish something the way it is supposed to look.
The second pic. is/or could be a pin, you can hang a charm from the bottom.  This one actually turned out the way it was supposed to. That is a pattern by Heather too.  I just need to practice my tension to get everything even.
The last one is an attempt at Heather's earring pattern, "My Love",  as you can see it is missing a ring!  Otherwise I think it would have turned out pretty nice.  It's good practive though.



Gina said...

Believe it or not, I was just thinking while looking at the heart and before reading your post that I rather liked the group of rings in each hump and leaving the center free! Good job!

Carol Lawecki said...

I have been tatting for 20 years and I still mess up on patterns. LOL!! Last night I really goofed up on a pattern and I gave up and just cut it up to get all the beads off. I guess I'll try it again and pay more attention this time. LOL

I think the heart is pretty, and I've never seen a red/white thread like that before. What is the thread?

Happy Tatting!

BeadweaverDeb said...

I thought about hanging a charm in the center of the heart.

The thread I got from klmattox on etsy.

Isdihara said...

Call your first heart a happy accident, because it looks grand!

FYI--I have been tatting 30 years and I still goof up. Sometimes I can fix, sometimes not.

Great job on your other two tats too!

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