Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yesterday was exciting then it got frustrating, then just plain mad!
I got my 7" mini netbook  yesterday.  I was so excited I had finally got it.  It is sooo small!  So, I'm sitting there reading the instructions and It came to the WI FI part.  Well it says that it will automatically start to search for a network.  Didn't do that.  I was on the phone with my verizon people 2 different times trying to get it to go WI FI!  I can hook it directly to the verizon modem and it works, but that isn't what I bought it for.  Darn it!  This is my luck!  Things llike this happen all the time, I  should have known there would be some kind of problem.  Now I have to wait till Saturday when we go to wal mart.  I hope they will have something I can use.  Cross your fingers for me!  lol
     This morning, I get Chris up early to finish some homework, then he starts complaining about his neck hurting, he has a headache, his legs hurt/ache and he has another loose tooth that he can't leave alone so that hurts too!  lol  I thought he was just complaining mainly because of doing homework (he hates homework) But he just kept whining about it so I had a feeling about his neck---I think he has swollen glands.  I gave him Ibuprofen and he was go to go later.  My mom stopped by and I had her check and she said the same thing, plus the one side at that time was visible.  So I did keep him home today and kept him on Ibu the rest of the day.  He is fine when the Ibu is working.  I will give him some before he heads off to school tomorrow.......Unless he wakes up with a big lump sticking out.  Then it will be off to the DR.'S!

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♥ Heather ♥ said...

that sucks about the lap top... Bunch of bull crap...
Sorry about Chris, hopfully he is feeling better today, swollen glands are the worst.

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