Sunday, April 18, 2010

Relaxing Day!

Just practicing Tatting and trying to create my first design.  So far it looks pretty good.  There are some new threads I haven't tried out  yet also.

I just purchased Heathers new book, "Tatted Ladies In My Life".  Can't wait to get it!  You can get it here:  New Book 

We have started getting and breeding rabbits.  We had a hutch already from previous time we had rabbits.  My husband made 5 more and he is still not done yet because we need some for weaned babies.
The first 2 were breeeded last week but we have another that is pulling her fur out and she wasn't with any bucks unless the previous owner accidentally did.  We have 5 rabbits to start out with.
We just might have a surprise litter very soon.

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