Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tatting Fun!

Today was fun!  Heather and her daughter came over for Tat & Chat .  She taught me how to block tat and this is what we worked on and I just finished it off a bit ago.
 The pattern is from Martha Ess's book, "New Critters on the Block".  I am so glad Heather was here to help me along, I did need help!  LOL

Last week I was messing around with a way to add beads to a design that Heather taught me, and I came up with these earrings.   I just love them! 
Here is a pair I just made tonight.  The beautiful teardrop bead is from Heather, She is sneaky!  We were looking online and I saw those beads and I said I just have to have them but when I went to purchase them, they were SOLD!  I was sad.  She gets this container out today and hands me and guess what they were??????   Those beautiful beads I really wanted.  She is such a Sweetie!  Thanks again Heather!

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Sewicked said...

Those are really pretty earrings. Good job on the hat.

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