Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This And That

Hello, I've been very busy lately.  There seems to be always something that needs done!  Here are some pictures of the Rabbits we have.  Two of them had babies.  One had 3 and the Grey one had 9.  I don't have pics of the 3, but they are bigger than the nine.


I've received the beautiful earrigns from  Umi and Tsuru's blog givaway yesterday.  They are lovely.  Thank you!

What else am I forgetting???????  
I've been washing clothes and blankets all day and de-cluttering some of my stuff.  I need to do it but it gets overwhelming at times.  I have a bunch of old clothes and junk for the garbage man.  I still have to do the hall closet and ..................oh, I'm getting tired just thinking of it.

Have a good night! 

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